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Provocative black, black comedy incorporating film, animation and acting. Original script.

Sat 8, Sun 9 Nov 2008. 12- 3pm both days.
93 Kelburn Parade, Victoria University.

Must be available for show dates: 8- 13 Feb 2009 7pm.

Parts for:
Husband: socially awkward, spineless, long-suffering. (main character)

Wife: Sarcastic, but confused about sexual orientation.

Girl: Young-looking woman to play petite, bouncy, naïve-yet-sexual. (actual actor age prefer 18+)

Woman: Sexually liberated, with a penchant for seducing housewives.

Extras also needed for filmed scenes (do not need to be

"Has your love gone sick and wrong?"
From Charlotte Simmonds, the writer of Arctic-Antarctic and Nohome Neville, and David Lawrence, the director of King Lear and Deliver Us, comes an astonishing new and sociopathic play about disillusionment with twenty-first century ideology. Loosely based on the myth of Medea, this play threatens to destroy what little faith in love you have left. Alex Greig stars as Jason, the jittery and highly confused insomniac husband of Raghed, a beautiful Jordanian dwarf. The couple's therapist, Katrina, is unprofessional and unscrupulous, treating them both individually and toying with


Two nights:
Wednesday 14 May 6pm
Thursday 15 May 6pm

The lineup:

SURE THING by David Ives (USA)
Directed by Nathan Green

A man and a woman meet for the first time in a cafe, where they have an awkward meeting continually reset each time they say the wrong thing, until, finally, they connect.

Mel Dodge - Betty
David Allen - Bill

Directed by Rodney Bane

What are the job opportunities like on the 'other side?' "If

Headshot of Barry Lakeman.
Barry is a writer, actor, director, sound designer and production manager based in Wellington.

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