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A new play by Charlotte Simmonds, directed by David Lawrence at BATS theatre from May 29th through June 11th at 6:30pm.

"Has your love gone sick and wrong?"
From Charlotte Simmonds, the writer of Arctic-Antarctic and Nohome Neville, and David Lawrence, the director of King Lear and Deliver Us, comes an astonishing new and sociopathic play about disillusionment with twenty-first century ideology. Loosely based on the myth of Medea, this play threatens to destroy what little faith in love you have left. Alex Greig stars as Jason, the jittery and highly confused insomniac husband of Raghed, a beautiful Jordanian dwarf. The couple's therapist, Katrina, is unprofessional and unscrupulous, treating them both individually and toying with their emotions as if they were puppets. Lives, careers and the ability to walk upright in high heels will all be risked. Issues of xenophobia and trust will be sustained. No one will escape intact.

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Burnt Coffee at BATS

Start Date:2008-05-29
End Date:2008-06-11
Start Time:18:30
Frequency:Thursday through following Wednesday, dark on Sunday and Monday
Street Address:1 Kent Terrace
Contact Information:, , 04 802 4175,, and